Certabo chessboards supported by Fritz, Arena, Shredder etc.!



Certabo chessboards supported by Fritz, Arena, Shredder etc.!

It’s now possible to play with Certabo chessboards on Arena, Fritz, Shredder, Acquarium and theoretically can be used  with any chess GUI! Checking with other GUI on going!

Our Certabo friend Lars Nowak has developed a very smart UCI Certabo driver which allows to interface our chessboard with all above chess softwares and easily play with your Certabo board. Thanks to this driver the Certabo chessboard can be selected as normal engine but…. it will be you a your Certabo chessboard the physcical chess engine.

Many thanks to Lars for developing such cool piece of software we are really happy that our open platform keeps growing with your help being beneficial for all chess community.

We also opened a section on our forum where you can post eventually question for Lars and where we can help @UCI Driver support forum. Certabo UCI driver can be downloaded from Certabo UCI Driver


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