20-Mar-2020 Migration of the forum

We are migrating the forum to the new servers over the week-end. The items posted over the week end may be not proprerly transferred. We will inform as soon as we will completed the transfer. We apologise for eventual disruption over the week-end for the posting section. Thank you for your support!

09-Mar-2020 New website coming soon!

Our website will soon renovate the look! We will move to new servers in next days. The forum will be moved along at the end of the migration as last thing so you can keep posting as usual.  The migration could take some hours we will advice before the final switch to new servers.

02-Mar-2020 CertabOdroid The first android app from Certabo

Another cool software from Certabo. We developed the first version of the CertabOdroid app. Starting from Peter Osterlund's well-known and open source app Droidfish we have added the functionality to support all our electronic chessboards. The game functions, books engines and analysis of CertabOdroid are exactly the same as Droidfish but now it is possible, very simply, to connect and play with any of our Certabo chessboards. The first version of CertabOdroid will be released in a few days but it is available for any Certabo user who wants to test it in preview. in Contact us to receive the app !. A heartfelt and special thanks to Peter Osterlund for making Droidfish and for making it available open source under the GPL3.0 license for the benefit of the whole community

27-Feb-2020 Certabo Mag The magnetic e-board with piece recognition

We are pleased to present Certabo Mag the first prototype of magnetic e-board with full piece recognition. Have a look at the video.

Thanks to proprietary recognition solution not sensitive to strong magnetic fields and metal parts it has been possible to integrate neodymium magnets inside both standard Certabo board and pieces for extemely reliable magnetic clucth of pieces on the board. Developed for very special applications like chessboxing rounds to be easily moved between a round and another without too much care it features quite interesting performances. The board is now been delivered and we shall see soon some chessboxing rounds on a Certabo board!

Regarding the video the incongruence is that after that the black moves twice then the white rook moves and this it is taken as a contemporary move of black and white, then it's therefore again the white turn in fact the white pawn does not capture the knight but knight moves to avoid the pawn thread as shown by leds :-) Good job to everybody who has spotted it. Stay tuned lot of new interesting things are coming as usual!

18-Dec-2019 Certabo chessboards supported by Fritz, Arena, Shredder etc.!

It's now possible to play with Certabo chessboards on Arena, Fritz, Shredder, Acquarium and theoretically can be used  with any chess GUI! Checking with other GUI on going! Our Certabo friend Lars Nowak has developed a very smart UCI Certabo driver which allows to interface our chessboard with all above chess softwares and easily play with your Certabo board. Thanks to this driver the Certabo chessboard can be selected as normal engine but.... it will be you a your Certabo chessboard the physcical chess engine.  Many thanks to Lars for developing such cool piece of software we are really happy that our open platform keeps growing with your help being beneficial for all chess community. We also opened a section on our forum where you can post eventually question for Lars and where we can help @UCI Driver support forum. Certabo UCI driver can be downloaded from Certabo UCI Driver


Our start-up Inventhio Srl, manufacturer of the super-technological and refiined electronic Certabo chessboards, has been selected as one of the most innovative start-ups of Emilia Romagna in 2019 therefore will have access to a program of technological acceleration in the mythical Silicon Valley in December. During these weeks contacts will be established with important investors and technological partners to accelerate growth. See you in San Francisco from December 1st to 14th. Orders will be dispatched, if in stock, till tuesday Nov. 26. Dispatching of  orders received after that day will be delayed. We will back to normal operations on Dec. 16th.

26-Oct. 2019 Trick or Titchs? Halloween week deal!

During the Halloween week and till the mid-night Oct. 31 order a Certabo board and get the Titanium one at the same price. From today till next Friday if you order you new Certabo board you will get the Titanium screws and polycarbonate trasparent back at no additional cost. To use the promotion just select the Titanium version you prefer and use the coupon Trick-or-Titchs during the order process. For Vittoria Betulla titanium use  Trick-or-TitchsB. For Ida Betulla use Trick-or-TitchsID

23-Oct.-2019 Certabo software versione 3.3 has been released

Certabo software version 3.3 has been released. Since today the Certabo software has introduced another the cool feature and allows to play against your vintage chess roms on the solid wood Certabo chessboard using Messchess emulator!

MessChess emulator is awesome piece of software which allows to emulate your preferred vintage rom. Now the Certabo board will automatically be aligned with the the Mess emultator graphical interface of each rom.Have a look at the video.

What you need is just to copy the roms inside the engine directory and it will be seen like a standard engines. A special mention and thank to Sandro and Franz who developed and keep developing the MessChess and CBEmu giving possibility to all chess lovers to continue playing against their preferred historycal chess computer. But release 3.3 integrates also other cool features. Now the clock has been added,  you can now play on time + increment as you wish, and also general improvement has been made as resynchronising of the chessboard which allows you to freerly disconnect the usb cable and cut the power to the chessboard at anytime. The chessboard will be automatically resynchronised with the software and the game will just continue from where left as soon as the usb will be reconnected.

Download the new release from the download area at this link

27-Sept.-2019 Chess For Android Certabo Limited Edition

Today I want to tell you a tale....

A tale about an Italian manufacturing company of electronic chessboards together with a English chess player Bryan Whitby who has a passion for designing his own computer chess graphics and Aart Bik a Dutch-American who is currently one of todays best chess software developers.

Together we had an idea to celebrate Aart's excellent Chess for Android app which is now ten years old.
After many months of collaboration between the three of us, I am now very pleased to announce and present to you the Limited Edition Chess for Android - 10th Anniversary Certabo chessboards.

Twenty five chessboards have been produced but only twenty two will be available for sale (eleven of each type). Each board will come with a limited edition numbered brass plaque plus a pamphlet which reports the historical milestones of this beautiful and powerful app.

These limited edition Certabo chessboards were designed by Bryan Whitby and have been hand built by ourselves here at our factory in Italy. These boards can be now pre-ordered!

Order the Beige-Red version

Order the Blue version

Many thanks to Aart and Bryan for joining me on this journey.

Gens una sumus!


13-Sept.-2019 Play with Certabo chessboard on, Mission complete!


As promised, we finished integration of Certabo Online gaming with, from today it’s possible to play with the Certabo chessboards on too. Have a look at video (picture courtesy of website) . The functioning remains the same as with just click on and everything will start automatically. Enjoy Certabo chessboard on We are proud to tell Certabo is now the first one which allows playing with same device on and respectively n. 1 and n.2 of world’s internet chess server. To fulfil the many requests we had next step will be so the world’s podium of internet chess servers will be complete! Go to download area, get the softwareand check instruction for initial setup. As always stay tuned much other cool stuff is coming.

01-Sept.-2019 Online chess revolution comes from Certabo !!

From today it is possible to play with the Certabo chess boards on !! The Certabo team has developed a revolutionary smart recognition algorithm that allows you to play on online chess sites. The Certabo Online Gaming software allows a sophisticated recognition of the remote virtual board and a perfect integration with all range of physical Certabo boards. The use is extremely simple, just start the software, choose which browser to use and click on the preferred online gaming site (if you want save your credential and will straight forward log into your account). Select game options exactly as you do now and start immediately playing on your Certabo board. Your move will appear in real time on your opponent remote board while your opponent's move, thousands of miles away, will be displayed by the LEDs on your Certabo board. The convenient and discreet informative banner if necessary will alert of your turn, to move your opponent's piece on Certabo board or even tell if you misplace a piece. Certabo Online Gaming technology does not require any integration or access to online proprietary game servers, therefore bypassing all the today limitations in theory can be used with most online gaming sites. Certabo Online Gaming software is your smart digital Certabo eye on any virtual chessboard.  Start enjoying on with the Certabo chessboards while we provide integration on Lichess and others. Currently available for PC, other platforms follow take a look at video (picture courtesy of website) and do not forget to download software and instructions from our download area.


New version 2,9 of Certabo software has been released. This new release has some general improvements and handles now opening books! Any polyglot book is supported what you need to do like for engines just drop the .bin opening book files in the books directory and they will appear in the menu for selection.  We also added a modding possibility for the bravest players and go in the Certabo directory and double click on Deep_Engine_Searching_Mode.bat this will launch a special version with very high limit on depth (deafult 50). Anyhow theoretically there is no limit on that value you can open the file with any txt editor and change 50 to any wanted value go to download page to get the releases. Stay tuned other very cool software is coming soon!!!! 

03-June-2019 New Angel and Fazio model available!

CERTABO chessboard line keeps growing and new Angel and Fazio models are now available. The Angel model is a L=36cm x W=36cm  x H=2,2 cm chessboard with 35mm square size while the Fazio model is a standard tournament board L=50cm x W=50cm  x H=2,2cm with 55mm square size. Both the model are made of solid birch chassis with a fine acacia and boxwood top and both the models are available with white boxwood bezel or brown acacia bezel. Equipped by Certabo state of art ot piece recognition technology and beautiful blue leds are available for sale. Buy Angel here and Buy Fazio here

14-May.-2019 Chess for Android Play online on FICS and ICC with Certabo

The world most famous chess app "Chess for Android" allows now to play online on FICS and ICC with your Certabo chessboard! From version 6.1.5 you can now play against another human moving pieces on your Certabo board and see move of other remote player showing up on your board with beautiful blue leds. Many thanks to Aart Bik for the great improvement instruction and info here*(picture courtesy of Aart Bik's website)

15-Apr.-2019 Da Vinci the Certabo chess computer!

We are glad to announce we are launching our new Certabo Da Vinci the only electronic chess computer with pieces recognition which can be used as a digital eboard too!! Under a discreet design, a powerful computing section ready to be used with your phone via wifi). The easy access to the computing part allows also a very quick replacement of micro Sd and  firmware upgrade for unlimited modding possibility a Download brochure here. Certabo Da Vinci the ultimate chess computer! The Certabo Da Vinci will be available soon for sale on our website, still some weeks to go Stay tuned!.

Visit at Esna

During the European Small Nations Championship in San Marino we very honored by the visit to our stand by Fide president Arkadij Dvorkovič. It was really a great and unexpected privilege for us to get to know him and show Certabo chessboards.

Certabo is attending the 6th European Small Nations Team Championship – San Marino 23-31 march 2019

Certabo will be present at the event, all players  and visitors can see and try all the Certabo chessboards range. Discover the progam at See you in San Marino !!

14-Jan 2019 Certabo IOS app is now available for Iphone and Ipad !

Our Certabo app is now also available on Itunes store. This app allows to transform and use screen of your Iphone or Ipad as remote display for Certabo chessboard when connected to a Pi. Simply connect your Raspberry Pi to Certabo chessboard and start it. Open the App on the phone, connect wireless over wifi to your chessboard and start playing on your Iphone and Ipad. Follow the QR code on download page to get the Ios app to your mobile IOS device.

14-Jan 2019 Certabo software 2.7 version is now  also on Raspberry Pi3

The Raspberry Pi3 Certabo software is now aligned to version 2.7! Enjoy the great features of the 2.7 version like multi engines selection, Random Fisher option etc. on Pi3. In addition, more than 50 chess engines are already embedded in the Pi3 version and also opening book has been added to be used with some of them. You do not even need the display you can use our App available for Android and Iphone and connect wireless to Pi. Grab the 2.7 for Pi on download page.

03-Jan 2019 Certabo software 2.7 version is now available for MAC OSx

The Certabo software is now available for MAC OSx too! From the new 2.7 version the mac users can enjoy all the latest features of Certabo software. Grab it on download page.

27-Dec. 2018 Certabo PC software 2.7 version has been released

Further great improvements to Certabo PC software! The new 2.7 version has been released. With new release the Fisher Random ( also called Chess960) playing mode has been implemented. This is opening many further intriguing playing and study possibilities. New broadcasting modality has also been added so  now with Certabo boards you can easily broadcast your games over internet. With purchase of Certabo board you will get access to our servers and you can create your own tournaments, add your logo, create your games whatever you play human vs human or human vs engines. Other new features are possibility of adding a custom sound warning when engine move is done, improvements in stalemate recognition, five fold and insufficient material indication too. Get new release as usual on download page

17-Dec. 2018 Chess for Android: Certabo Support

The world famous Aart Bik's "Chess for Android" chess app with more than 10 millions download is now supporting the Certabo chessboards from next release available in few days. You can now directly connect the Certabo chessboard to the phone or tablet and it will also provide power supply to the chessboard too via usb cable. More information here (pics courtesy of Aart Bik)  Chess For android for Certabo.

13-Dec. 2018 Certabo PC software 2.5 version has been released

Further great improvements for Certabo PC software! The new 2.5 version has been released. With new release flipping side board option has been added so no need to rotate board to play with black all will be rotated physical and virtual board. New "Use board status" option has been added. Now you can put pieces on the board and start from any position playing against human or engines select white or black,  etc. very good for game analysis. Recognition algorithm has been even further improved now you can play very fast between humans and you can even do black and white move at same time. Also now is possible to directly load your PGN file so any game you may have you can just drop in Certabo saved game directory, resume from software and then decide how to play human engine white black etc. Get new release as usual on download page

10-Dec. 2018 Certabo CURZIO model available!

The new Curzio model has been released for sales. The Curzio board is a standard electronic tournament chessboard, square size 55mm with overall dimension of 50cm x 50cm and its top range model. Curzio chessboards are hand-crafted by very experienced italian luthiers. Each square of pregiate wood is individually cut, assembled and many hours of work result in a unique piece of italian art with standard features of Certabo electronic boards. Many different wood essences are available on order, the chessboard can be ordered with and without leds and they feature very technical finishing like polycarbonate transparent back cover with anodized titanium screws as default.

18-Nov. 2018 22° Open Semilampo city of Modena

Follow online games on Certabo broacasting site at the following link

11-Nov.-2018 2° International Tournment of Vignola

Great success for Certabo chessboards during the 2° International Chess Tournament of Vignola (MO). Certabo chessboards have broadcasted internet live game between international GMs Kantans, Solomon, Rombaldoni, Stella Efimov and several other IM and FM. See and play the game at this link Vignola 2018. Vignola has set a record with 293 players, our congratulation to the organiser Club64 Chess Modena Association for the awesome job done and a thank for the support given during the whole weekend. More pics here

06-Nov.-2018 PC Software 2.3 Version Release

Certabo software can now supports user UCI engine and multiple chessboards on single PC

New nice features!  Support for user UCI engine has been introduced in PC software. Just copy your UCI engine in the engine directory and simply select it from menu.  Multiple boards support on single PC has also been added! Now with just one PC you can run independently several Certabo chessboards in parallel. This feature is adding very interesting option for tournaments and teaching as several human vs. human games can be logged at same time with single PC available on download page

16-Oct.-2018 PC Software 2.1 Version Release

Certabo chessboards are now supporting Houdini 6, Fire 7.1, Leela Chess Zero, Human game and .PGN export

Certabo PC software keeps growing !! The software was further improved and it's now supporting four of most powerful chess engines including the Leela Chess Zero the very new chess engine based on neural network software, the monitored and recorded human vs. human mode and finally the .pgn export of all games... read more

CERTABO is our brand name but  in Latin it also means "will compete".

CERTABO is complete range of electronic chessboards with automatic pieces recognition which allows playing against strong chess engines on PC or other peripherals but on stylish traditional wood board designed and manufactured in Italy.

CERTABO chessboards are provided by default with 34 electronic self-adhesive electronic chips. You can transform a standard chess set into an electronic one just by sticking the chips to your preferred chess set whichever it is wood or plastic, and you are ready to play straight out of the box against the most powerful chess engine with the provided software.

CERTABO is anyhow more than that: the sophisticated hardware platform allows fast piece recognition and makes that information available on an open communication protocol for a simple interface to your preferred chess engine and computational hardware.

CERTABO chessboard will always be there to follow you and make your game unforgettable today like tomorrow but always stronger than yesterday. read more on about us.

Have fun and join Certabo community!