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Bearchess and Certabo UCI

I need help with Bearchess version My chess board is recognized as port com3 but the calibration failed ... Then I continued with Certabo UCI and Certabo UCI Core. Fritz 17 and Hiarcs recognize them as invalid UCI...Thanks for your help

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I will check it. Version includes a lot of changes and maybe there is a bug. In the meantime, could you try it with an earlier version of BearChess?




First of all, thank you for your help.
I had already tried the different versions, but I always got the same result. I made screenshots if that helps.
I noticed something, when I open the Bearchess application after a few minutes my chess board is connected. Then in the tab "electronic chessboard" then "Certabo" "configure" when I have done that my chessboard is disconnectde. Seen sreenshots.

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can you send me the log file? It is located in


where ????? is your windows user name, e.G. "larsn" for me.

First, delete all files in this directory, then try to calibrate and then send me the log file.

Please send to "lars[at]solanosoft.com"