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Triple weighted Chess Pieces

Hi -

So I just placed an order for 55mm Certabo board and new chess pieces that I always wanted to use with an Electronic Board. I have been a DGT user for a while now but I was never happy with the DGT pieces and issues using DGT with Chess.com online. (Dgt worked great with Lichess though)

I decided to go with certabo in hopes that it will allow me to play on chess.com with other humans without any Ghosting or piece recognition issues (Like DGT).  (Can anyone tell me there experience with certabo and chess.com online ?)

My question and concern now is regarding the chess pieces that I have bought.

here is the link

4.1″ Stallion Staunton Luxury Chess Pieces Set Triple Weighted Bud Rosewood – royalchessmall

These are heavy pieces and I have read that people have had detection issues with heavy pieces.

Can anyone please tell me the solution to this issue in case I have the same issue with my new chess pieces and certabo chips?  My plan is to attach the certabo chips at the bottom of my Pieces (without removing the original felt). Do you think this should work just fine?

What should I do incase this idea doesnt work and I have detection issues ?

I only plan on using the certabo board with my windows PC.

Thank You



chess.com with Windows PC works fine with the Certabo-Boards. A great advantage for me to other e-boards is the possibility to play against the Computer bots in chess.com.

To the problem with the triple weighted pieces I can't really help you. I bought these pieces:


the are NOT triple weighted. They work really fine with the Certabo Chips. I removed the felts and put the chips directly on the bottom and attached then a new self adhesive felt.

Hope anybody else could help you better.

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Hi Tobias -

Thank You for the Reply.

Well you don't have to worry about my question any more 🙂 because the triple weighted pieces work flawlessly on chess.com with certabo board. No drop outs or piece recognition issues.

I attached the chip to the original felt and put a new felt on top of it.

Certabo Boards are impressive so far. I need to do more testing OfCourse I have only played couple 5 min games on chess.com. Will try playing longer games now.

Note* Certabo board also works with chessbase 16 (Tested on my PC)


I too was drawn to Certabo because of the quality of the boards and the ability to use different chess set pieces. Also, like you, I did not want to bother with inserting the rfid chips under the felt or up routered holes in the pieces.
Two to three years ago, Pietro was very helpful in assisting me with a triple weighted set I had. He started by supplying me with new 25 and then 30mm diameter chip sizes up from the 20mm ones. He also set up my laptop (MacBook) which had a more powerful processor than the 1.5ghz quad core DaVinci Extreme to see if that made a difference. Using a macbook was not straightforward (certainly not for me) as it seemed to require strange permissions and up to date plug ins for use with certabo boards and software. I no longer attempt that with my M1 MacBook but have read it is easier with PCs and android tablets.
For reasons, irrelevant here, for a long time, I was unable to play chess and examine the different sets I had with all three different chip sizes. Anyway, I have now.
I have 4 chess sets and tried out different 20, 25 and 30mm chip sizes on all, using the Certabo DaVinci Extreme 1.5ghz 4gb ram.
1. Danum ebony and boxwood, 4.25 inch King, total weight 2218 grams, wood approx 934, iron 1284
2. Archbishop/Chancellor padauk boxwood 4.25 inch King, total weight 1748, wood approx 934, iron 814
3. Custom set padauk boxwood 4.25 inch King, total weight 1539, wood approx 934, iron 605
4. Vienna coffee house boxwood 5 inch King, unweighted 864 grams
The Vienna set obviously needs only 20mm chips.
The Danum does not work with 30mm chips on all major pieces and 25mm on pawns
The Custom set works with 20mm chips on all pieces
The Archbishop/Chancellor set works with 25mm on Kings, Queens and Knights, 20mm on the rest.
The archbishop/chancellor set was almost ok with 25mm chips on just Kings and Queens but then one Knight and then another disappeared from the screen even though the rooks weigh slightly more. A strange thing where a pawn move on the edge of the board disappeared mid-game also happened until all the knights were given 25mm.
It is difficult to be conclusive, as some chips might be intermittently faulty and iron weights may differ in placement and type. The Da Vinci processor might not be as powerful as a laptop. But it would seem that the safe threshold (with the DaVinci Extreme) is about 600 grams of added iron weight per chess set for 20mm, 800g for 25mm and maybe 1 to 1.2kg for 30mm, but clearly the triple weighted Danum set of 1284g of iron weight is too much. Your set by these measures would seem to be on the margins with the DaVinci Extreme but might be absolutely fine with your laptop. I have just seen your latest post and that your set works fine with the PC. Good news.
I hope this helps if you buy any more sets or use the DaVinci. Other Certabo users might find it useful or have better insights about the weights, processor power etc..
Regards, John K
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Using havy wighted pieces can be a little bit tricky, but very often they work without issues.

I really played a lot with havy wighted pieces to integrate the chip inside the piecese. Putting the chips directly on the pieces should work fine in most cases....

My advice:

first: remove the felt (use water or a sharp knife)
second: glue the chips

with very few silicon or acryl on the pieces and wait for drying.
third: put the pieces on the board and see if all pieces are recognized
If everything works: glue very thin chamois leather instead of felt under the pieces....so you will not get "flying" pieces
if some pieces have issues: use a drill to remove a little bit of wight. ...


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mufarooqaliJohn K

@ john and @julkul

So far, the pieces are working flawlessly no issues whatsoever. Im quite impressed and enjoying the game of chess at the fullest. This is exactly what I always wanted. To pick an electronic board with the pieces of my choosing to play chess online on different websites. Certabo Delivers !!

I'm not sure what you mean when you say, "Flying Pieces"? My pieces seem to be quite sturdy, and they don't fall off and feel heavy. I have tested the board by playing Rapid 15 min 10 sec increment games and it is a very fun experience. Not a single drop of connection in 20 odd games that I have played.

After seeing the success of my first rosewood triple weight pieces I ended up ordering these to complete my pieces collection. This time I went with Triple weighted Ebony wood.  Hope the chips work on these as well without any issues.

4.2" American Staunton Luxury Chess Pieces Only Set - Triple Weighted – royalchessmall 



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John K
If there are both felt and chips under the chess pieces, it gives the impression that the pieces are floating above the board. A thin chamois leather can be pulled very easily over the Chips to the wood if you take the radius of the chamois a little larger than the chip. It looks a lot better that way.

I put the chips on several weighted sets and all they work great.  Just 4 pieces in a weighted smaller set are not working, maybe the chips on those pieces are faulty.  For me, placing the chips like a sandwinch between the original and another felt worked ok.