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2.5 update - play from board position

Hello all,

Thanks Pietro for the update and also for your personal assistance when I had questions.

I have already tried playing a game from a set position and have a question. Her is my situation:

  • I set up a position
  • I am white
  • It is black to move
  • Black is the computer
  • I select black to move and Colour to play: White

When I start the game, Certabo always wants me to make the black move.

The computer is supposed to making the black move.

Am I doing something wrong?



Hello Cameron

Thank you for you message always pleased to help you.

We are doing software faster than we do instructions for them 🙂

To play from board setup. Before you actually start new game place pieces on the board. Then press "New game"

(if you press new game before placing the piece in the wanted position it will start in normal mode game)

Select than use "Use board position" once you highlight it it will appear the side you want to be then select "white to move" (forget the white black button on bottom this is used for standard games)

Select human or engine if you select engine the PC will play with black.

Do your white move all shall be ok and PC should show its move.


All the best




Thanks Pietro. So this means that the human player always has to move first?

Quote from camfisher_nz on December 14, 2018, 9:11 pm

Thanks Pietro. So this means that the human player always has to move first?

Hello Cameron

Actually yes it waits for human black move, anyhow this is not correct and thank you for spotting out. In fact when we have to play with Board status we need to specify which turn is black or white but we also have to give possibility to select white or black if you play against an engine, otherwise you are forced to play with black when select black to move.

Actually i was also not very precise in my previous  post (I apologise) as double checked and the "color to play" function works also in use Board Status to let player to tell which color want to use (so all combinations are possible), but we noted the combination is wrongly inverted.

So when you select Black to move and Color to play Black you should move instead PC move and conversely as you noted when you select Black to Move and Color to play white the chessboard should move instead you.

We are fixing this to have it working on proper combination

Thanks again for your help will post as soon as we patch this.




Glad I could help!