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Certabo chess club on Lichess

Hi all,


After receiving a message tonight on Lichess from someone in Germany requesting a game using our boards, I thought it would be a good idea to form a club to make it easier for owners to play each other.

It's called the Certabo International Club and it's free to join of course. All you need is an account on lichess.org


it would be great to have a group of players that can play each other on a regular basis, and if there is enough interest a tournament would be fun.

Everyone is welcome.


Pietro - I hope you don't mind me doing this. I'm happy to make you a club leader, and I have also put a disclaimer that states that Certabo International Club has no affiliation with your company. Just to be safe. Thanks.

I voluntarily confess it was me who wrote to Cameron. 😀  And I'm already looking forward to our first online game.  Greetings Franz

Hello Guys

Very happy to see spirit of Certabo spreading across continents! Good idea Cameron absolutely no problem as much we can grow chess friendship!.

Sorry for slow reply as those are bit hectic days for us, just packing for Silicon Valley will keep you posted!

All the best and Gens una sumus!