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Latest state of software

Hello certabo!

What is the latest state of software for raspberry PI?

Does it include endtables? What about openings? Is it possible to just set pieces, clock and practice?

For example endgame position, 2 minutes and you need to beat the clock?

What if you make a mistake can you quickly takeback and start over?

You def need to put out more videos of certabo in action. Marketing! 🙂

I still can't decide but I'm very close to ordering.

OMG: I just saw the new models! Angel and Fazio. Beautiful!!!

Hello Ivo

Good morning the version of the Pi software is aligned to PC one and yes the latest PI sw version on the web site does already include  a 1 Gb endgame tablebase too already you can activate if you want before the game. The opening books have also been implemented in the PC version already and any .bin can be just copied in book directory will pop up for selection this is not yet released but we sent few weeks ago to many customers  already for testing and will put on website in next days. We will port the same book version of software 2.90 to Pi version too.  We are also working on analysis so following version shall implement  the possibility to select any UCI like stockfish for example to run parallel analysis of the game while you play (still working on that but probably it will be a bit too demanding for PI but will check).  Yes you can already set any position you want on all our version of sw Pi included and start from it or you can load directly any .pgn and start from that with black white change engine very flexibly. You can also take back all the moves you want till the starting of game eventually. Clock is not yet implemented in our sw but you can use Chess for Android and play with clock setting the timing you like and also play online eventually.

Thank you for appreciation of our new models we are really glad you like! And i look forward to having you in our Certabo club!

And also thanks for suggestion you are right we have so many playing possibility, we shall improve marketing 🙂  and we shall put some video too.

All the best