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New here - and impressed

Hi and Ciao tutti


I am new to the forum and would like to introduce myself. I learned chess from my father when I was about 9 or 10. We kept playing one or two games per week, but I lost interest after half a year or so. That was it with my chess career.


And then came "The Queen's Gambit" on Netflix, paired with the pandemia. Fascinated by Beth Harmon, I downloaded the App from chess.com, registered and started playing. I love playing those bots. Meanwhile I win 1 out of 4 games against the 1200 rated bots, and scratch the 1000 rating at solving puzzles.


My favourite playing device so far is my Boox Air (see attached foto), an eBook reader and pen-based note taker, featuring Android 10. Means that you can run Lichess or chess.com Apps natively, play outside in the sun, hold the lightweight device with ease and comfort - much better suited than a power hungry, heavy and overheating-in-the-sun tablet.


Now I am considering to get a Certabo device. The boards and the whole ecosystem are indeed very impressing. However, I still have a lot of open questions. Please see a separate post in the main sub-forum - maybe you can help me with one or another answer.


Otherwise, I live near Bern (Switzerland), drive a bus, love cooking, play golf occasionally, and take my camera out once in a while.

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Hello Karsten

Thank you very much for your nice presentation and welcome to the forum! Well that look very nice clean device actually i did not know them convertible ebook with Android it would be good it you try to install Certabodroid or Chess for android and would be curios to see how they look like 🙂 and you may connect to the board even possibly.

I read also the other post i will answer most of the point and thanks as i think will be quite useful for many other friends.

All the best, welcome again and talk on the other section.




Hello Karsten.

Welcome to the chess world.

I would suggest to you that it is better to play against humans.  Not only better, it is funny, impresing, interesting, amusing, great, fantastic, impressive ... and many adjectives more.

I don't want to say that playing against the engine is the opposite, it could be a good option to play sometimes, but (in my opinion) it's far away from the experience playing against humans. Humans make random mistakes, good moves, innacuracies and impressive decisssions .... depending on his level and style. And that is simply great.

If you are thinking to buy a certabo chessboard, don't hesitate, if you are a chess lover this is the best thing you can do. With the certabo you can play in the best chess websites: lichess, chess.com and chess24. I bought a Lucien chessboard some months ago and it was the best present that i ever have done to me never.

Any question, let me know. I will try to help you. Best regards.