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Online chess revolution comes from Certabo !! Play on chess.com!!

01-Sept.-2019 Online chess revolution comes from Certabo !!

From today it is possible to play with the Certabo chess boards on chess.com !! The Certabo team has developed a revolutionary smart recognition algorithm that allows you to play on online chess sites. The Certabo Online Gaming software allows a sophisticated recognition of the remote virtual board and a perfect integration with all range of physical Certabo boards. The use is extremely simple, just start the software, choose which browser to use and click on the preferred online gaming site (if you want save your credential and will straight forward log into your account). Select game options exactly as you do now and start immediately playing on your Certabo board. Your move will appear in real time on your opponent remote board while your opponent's move, thousands of miles away, will be displayed by the LEDs on your Certabo board. The convenient and discreet informative banner if necessary will alert of your turn, to move your opponent's piece on Certabo board or even tell if you misplace a piece. Certabo Online Gaming technology does not require any integration or access to online proprietary game servers, therefore bypassing all the today limitations in theory can be used with most online gaming sites. Certabo Online Gaming software is your smart digital Certabo eye on any virtual chessboard.  Start enjoying on chess.com with the Certabo chessboards while we provide integration on Lichess and others. Currently available for PC, other platforms follow take a look at video (picture courtesy of chess.com website) and do not forget to download software and instructions from our download area.

Please pay attention to instruction file and be sure to do the required 4 step settings!! We updated the instruction file and be sure to go in Setting/Board Pieces and double check "White always on the bottom" is turned off. Thx for very much for your support and enjoy!


Hi Pietro

When will the 32bit software be released?



Hi Bryan

Sorry for keep you waiting a bit you can now download directly the version 2.0 32 which includes both Chess.com and Lichess.org and some other general improvment.

Please note that on some PC if you want to use Firefox you need to do right click and "run as administrator" as it may need additional privileges

Enjoy and all the best