New Vittoria RL Brown! A legacy left by the very first Certabo chessboard

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New release in Certabo’s.

The new Vittoria RL Brown has finally arrived. A legacy left by the very first Certabo chessboard. They bear the same name, but the RL version will surely be able to impress.
Made entirely of birch, the chessboard measures 36cm x 36cm with a 35mm square and comes complete with a set of 34 electronic chips to transform a traditional game set into an electronic one.
Very high-quality materials give our Vittoria an exclusive look and very high resistance.
The play area is printed with high-definition digital machines, but is painted and finished by hand.
A compact-sized chessboard with the state of the art of Certabo technology.

The ideal chessboard for full-immersion gaming sessions, convenient to carry and compact in size.

You will be able to purchase your 2.75 “set of pieces and complete your very exclusive chessboard.

Each Certabo piece guarantees cutting-edge, contemporary gaming, real intelligent entertainment and a 3.0 gaming experience!

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