New product! Certabo DaVinci power chess computer with superfast quadcore processor and 1, 2, or 4Gb Ram

Get your new CERTABO DaVinci Chess computer module a very powerful chess computer with more than 50 UCI chess engines embedded.

It is highly expandable system which allows to add  additional uci engines, opening book and end game tablebase.
Equipped by a fast Wi-Fi interface it can be easily hooked to your wifi network to let you playing on several  internet chess servers as Lichess, and by mean of APi or by means of the exclusive recognition software of remote chessboards.

The thin and neat plastic case is refined with a special artisanal surface finishing and gives a very exclusive dark walnut look to the whole device. You can esaily navigat through the many fucntions of DaVinci using the crisp built in 3,5″ touch screen and the provided stylus, but if you prefer you can remotely connect to DaVinci chess computer from your phone, tablet any computer or device to navigate within the DaVinci unit to export and import your .pgn games opening book syzygy tables etc. Another great product from Certabo for you!


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