Certabo chessboards are available in two sizes and different finishing. 

The “Vittoria” chessboard is the smallest available model L=360mm W=360mm with case of 35mm for easy transportation and for enjoying Certabo experience wherever you like.

The “Ida” chessboard is the biggest available model L=500mm W=500mm with a case of 55mm it is a regular tournament size and it’s ideal for clubs and association. The new Curzio model has been released for sales. Both Certabo Ida and Vittoria chessboards are available in Betulla version and are made of fifteen layers of superb and high strength solid birch wood, the game area is exquisitely printed with high definition digital machines, varnished and hand refined. Both Ida and Vittoria chessboard can be optionally purchased with see-through bottom cover and titanium screws.

The Curzio board is a standard electronic tournament chessboard, square size 55mm with overall dimension of 50cm x 50cm and its top range model. Curzio chessboards are hand-crafted by very experienced italian luthiers. Each square of pregiate wood is individually cut, assembled and many hours of work result in a unique piece of italian art with standard features of Certabo electronic boards. Many different wood essences are available on order, the chessboard can be ordered with and without leds and they feature very technical finishing like polycarbonate transparent back cover with anodized titanium screws as default.

 Many accessories are also available browse our store.


Vittoria Betulla is a 36×36 cm chessboard with 35mm squares and it is ideal base model board to step in the Certabo world. With its medium size square is light and ideal... VITTORIA BETULLA


The Curzio chessboard is a standard electronic tournament chessboard, square size 55mm it's the top range model and piece or italian wood art, wood essence are customizable... CURZIO


Ida Betulla is a 50×50 cm chessboard with 55mm squares and it is standard size board. This Ida birch model is thought for chess association, clubs and amateur who need a regular size... IDA BETULLA