Certabo Software

Software for PC, MacosX, UNIX, and raspberry PI is available. All software integrates Stockfish and many other in the Raspberry PI computer units, but any UCI chess engine can be used and simply copied in engine directory but supports also Random Fischer mode, broadcasting games and has many other features added everyday, see all the features in download section.  The PI version latest version 2.7 comes already with more than fifty different engines embedded. Random Fisher option, many other features and also gives to Certabo chessboards Wi-Fi capability and let you to connect to it with your Android phone, tablet or iPhone or Ipad device over Wi-Fi using the dedicated Certabo Chess Remote Desktop app available on Android and Itunes store. You can easily use your Certabo chessboard, connected to a very compact Pi board, everywhere using the screen of your phone as display without need of any PC. Both software are available at the download page, in the same page you can find a dedicated Certabo to connect the chessboard to your Android phone and tablet and dedicated software to play online on internet chess servers.


PC/MacOs software

Installation package of Certabo chess for PC on MasOS systems PC SOFTWARE

Raspberry PI software

Image file of Certabo chess for Raspberry PI RASPBERRY PI SOFTWARE