Version 3.5 of software has been released!

The new version allows to play directly on using official Lichess API.

The Lichess page can automatically be launched from main page. The use is quite intuitive and video instructions are available got o our download area. 

More visual features have been also added. Now the leds will guide you even much more in details during the game.  
The four central leds will blink during the opponent thinking time, you will promptly advised by the king led in case of check, and the relative led of piece will light up in case one piece on the chessboard is missing.

Also now the complete setup of complete set can be performed in a single phase just place the spare white queen on D3 and black one on D6 during main setup all the 34 set piece will be set in a single shot. Also general improvements have been made and the software has been ported to very latest Python3 with all libraries updated to the very latest release.


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