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Modded distribution of version 4.5 !!

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Hi Elia,

Fantastic work, thank you so much!

@pietro-mandurino Is there any change this will find it's way to the DaVinci releases as well?


Kind regards,


Elia really thank you very much for that awesome work you made from ourselves and Certabo friends!! Those are really super cool improvements.

@reintj yes that will be ported to DaVinci i think we can do now that is pretty frozen. Elia i have question about handling of engines as some of engines are not available for pi platform if we replicates same folders structure on pi but engines are not present will they be just ignored and list updated when we eventually add at later stage? In this case i think we can port to DaVinci if all frozen soon and  we can start doing next week to release a final distro for it too.

All the best




Lars Nowak has reacted to this post.
Lars Nowak

Hi Elia,

great work, thank you!


@pietro-mandurino you don't have to replicate the /engines folder structure at all. All engines can be sorted by folders and renamed in whatever manner you like. Certabo software will launch caching of engine names' as soon as it sees that the folder's modification date is higher than that of the cache file's. If you remove an engine from Engines folder, it won't be showing in the list of engines. If you rename it, the cache will be updated and it will be shown under the same name, because the internal engine name didn't change.

If you have 2 copies of the same engine, the filename instead of the internal name will be shown instead. Thus you will be able to distinguish a regular version and BMI2 version of the same engine for example.

Cool Project !!!   Any News a about a davinci version?



Hello Guys

Here the DaVinci release with all cool implementations from Elia  aka Lady Eklipse!


Will put on dowload area soon

Take care and enjoy


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Great! Thank you Elia and Pietro!

@Pietro: will this update work for the standard 7" raspberry display as well? I remember there was a dedicated version for this display.

Thanks again!




Hi Pietro,

unfortunately it doesn’t work here. Neither BT nor USB. Testing on my DaVinci the screen stops on the part to choose USB or BT. Then nothing happens. Tested on both boards with USB and BT.

On my Raspi with 7“ display I was nor able to install the LCD drivers (LCD-show). I tried to install the missing xserver, but it failed to. Any ideas ?



Hi Tobias

Strange if the splash screen comes out once usb is connected should go through it may be something corrupted in image maybe. Are you able to tap on BT or USB? Eventually can you try to log into pi and start manually?

@pabloj hi Pablo yes will setup also the 7" and put for download will inform as soon as done.


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Hi Pietro,

yes I can tap to USB and BT. The get green if tapped, but nothing happens. I downloaded the image now several times (with iMac AND with Windows) and flashed different images. All the same.

I login to the Raspi but I can't find the correct files. In the original image, the files are in /home/pi I think. But in this image I find in the /home/pi directory only a folder named "BT", no idea, where I can find the files for a manually start.


Regards Tobias


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