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Raspberry Pi3 2.9 - Image not booting - Pi3 B+


Good evening

I am trying to get the Raspberry software to boot on my Pi3b+ but so far have not had any joy.

I have burned to image several time using both Linux and Windows but so far, the boot process will just hang at various points without completing..

I've successfully used the stock  Raspberry Pi image with out issue.

Any pointers on where I maybe going wrong?



Hi Chris

That's weird this image should work on Pi3B+. I'm just wondering if maybe some coorruption of image in your download. Can be either problem eventually with our upload as we recentely updated the website and had to move manually because those file where e quite big i will check and eventually upload again.

Anyhow for Pi we had the 3.1 already which need actually to upload on our website again 🙁  too. Anyhow since version 3.5 of the software this month we aligned the version for all systems so the older are bit out of date.

The best thing you can do is directly download our latest image for DaVinci which is running on latest Buster and have ported to Python3.

you find at this link: https://www.certabo.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/DaVinci-1.0-May-2020.zip

The image will work on Pi3B+ with no problem here we uploaded recently just you need 16Gb sd at least. If you have a touch display depending on it you may need to rotate the screen just ping us if need an help with that.

To access via ssh

user: pi

password: certabodavinci

All the best



forget to tell that our Certabo  App to access remotely to PI for Android and IoS is working till version 3.1.

With latest DaVinci image you can use thightvnc viewer or a standard xrdp (remote desktop) app.


Hi Pietro

Many thanks for getting back to me. I downloaded 2.9 a couple of times so I think the download was ok.

I think I do know what the problem is - I'm new to the Pi and didn't realise how sensitive they were to having the correct power supple attached and am thinking the 2.9 wouldn't boot because of a power issue.

I did get the Certabo software to run on the stock Pi image after copying the necessary files from 2.9.  The sort of worked with the board and some pieces being recognized a but there just wasn't enough power available.

I've order an official power supply which will arrive tomorrow and I'm thinking will solve the issue I have with v2.9.  I'll test tomorrow and let you know on 2.9 and the other image you helpfully provided.

Many thanks for getting back to me.




Hello Chris

Yes that can actually is the reason i think. The PI3 needs about 2,5A if you use low power power supply as the current taken increases the voltage will drop and cpu can freeze at boot and peripherals will be not properly supplied.

You can easily check when the power is low. The red led on PI must be still, if it flashes the power is not enough if is off it's heavily under powered and probably wont' work.

All the best



Hi Pietro

Due to being an impatient chap, I've installed the latest DaVinci image and it boots nicely but with the screen rotated - connecting the board crashes it due to the low power issue so very confident all will be good tomorrow once I've have the correct power supply attached.

Is it possible you can let me know the  changes I need to make to rotate the screen?

Many thanks


Hi Chris

It looks you are maybe using an older 3.5" display to do rotation of the screen and touch access the PI and open a shell  and modify the config.txt file to do this open the file with this command

sudo nano /boot/config.txt


then remove :rotate=90,swapxy=1 see image below

save and reboot. It shall work

All the best


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Hi Pietro

Many thanks for your help.

Everything working perfectly now with the correct power supply.

Rather than rotate the screen, I had to set swapxy=0 to flip the mouse orientation but other than that all working out of the box.

Again, many thanks.

Kind regards


Hi Chris

Great then! Our pleasure and thx for the note.

All the best have great week-end


Hi Chris,
"swapxy = 0" worked. Thank you!
Hi Pietro, thank you for uploading "DaVinci" the second "Queen" is working now. 
Thank you so much! 

Greetings Ingo