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Hi again Gerald

Yes right we shall prepare a small video instruction  🙂

All the best



Hi Pietro,

I have permission problems since the last update to 2.1. On my Samsung tablet with Android 10 I get the error "/data/user/0/org.petero.certabodroid/files/engine/engine.exe":error=13, Permission denied.

I have no problem on an Android 9 Smartphone.

I´m not really sure, if the error comes since the update or earlier after an Android update. Mostly I played on the Smartphone so I didn´t find the error now after updating the App.


Greetings Tobias

Hi Tobias

Thanks for reporting ok 2.1 was very small fixing we did will check.


...same problem here....

hello Julian Tobias

We are checking to replicate the error, I've sent an .apk can you please check on your android 10 if fix the issue?



Hello Pietro, 
I also have this error message: /data/user/0/org.petero.certabodroid/files/engine/engine.exe":error=13, 
Permission denied
Furthermore, I cannot yet use the analysis function with the chessboard.
Error message: "Illegal move" although I have placed the pieces correctly.
I have tried several smartphones, always the same error in the analysis setting.
CertabOdroid would be very useful for the analysis if everything worked.

Many greetings Ingo

Hello Ingo

Ok thank yes this error is appearing on Android 10 devices this is due to main droidfish in background ( we think is problem with cuckochess actually) actually with latest Sdk requested by playstore    https://github.com/peterosterlund2/droidfish/issues/59    we are trying to fix, in the meantime i can send you a interim version which will run on 10 too.

Well the analysis shall run i think it's not running because it use theUCI engines and the engine is denied to operate.

All the best


Hello Pietro,
Thank you very much for your answer, the analysis works wonderfully on the tablet and 
on the smartphone as long as I haven't connected it to the chessboard. 
As soon as I connect the smartphone to the board, the error occurs. Try it out yourself.
Connect your smartphone to the board, start a new game, activate the analysis, 
then the game stops after 2-3 moves. But I'll try again tomorrow. 
I think CertabOdroid would be a great program if the analysis and 
replay of chess games would work. I don't use UCI.

All the best