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Quote from Pietro on January 8, 2021, 10:19 pm

Hi Michiel

Sorry for bit delay in answer, did you manage in the end?

Yes new token can take some time.ti be activated so if you have not managed please create a new One and wait a bit. Be also sure to copy respecting between capital letters an normal one as they are considered different characters from normal one.

Also double check you activate support for Api board when creating the token

Let me know


Hi Pietro,


without changing a thing set up my Certabo board again today, connected to Certabodroid and opted to play a casual game on lichess.org.

can confirm now it's working

so perhaps there was initially indeed just a lag / some time before the freshly created lichess board API got fully activated

two problems I encountered:
1) is there a possibility to keep the screen (and connection) always on in certabodroid?

2) perhaps related to 1), my opponent was away for some minutes, upon resuming and reopening the screen on my Android phone the game connection appeared lost, my opponents move was visible on the lichess website but no longer indicated on Certabodroid nor the Certabo board, perhaps because of 1) ?

future wishes: better clock / remaining time display during play, if technically possible, the app just counts the time that goes by when it is a players turn, but only afterwards it adjust the total time the player has left (i.e. the clock with the total remaining time is not running down continuosly in the Certabodroid app but only adjusted after each move?)

but I know it's work in progreses and for now fine, and a nice extra opportunity to play on the Certabo board against a lichess opponent using your phone or tablet, thank you!

good evening Pietro,
I use Certabodroid, but I noticed that I can only use one engine (CuckooChess). When I want to install another one I get the following message: "Module error:Cannot run program*/data/user/0/ org.petero.certabodroid/files/engine/engine.exe*(in directory" /storage/ emulated/0/Droidfish/uci/logs"): error 13, Permission denied".
While searching, I thought I understood that for security reasons you could only install OEX engines. Is there another solution to install other engines.
Thank you for your help.

Eric Ghersengorin

Hello Eric

Yes please uninstall the one you have on the phone and install this,


since Android10 all exectutable file shall be included in the app when it compiles otherwise they do not allow uploading on Playstore. And uci which are exectuable file cannot be called anymore as done on all other platform, quite a bit of limitation for chess world, anyhow you can run this one it is the same but you need to install locally. Just unzip double click and will install automatically.

All the best and take care


Hello Pietro,

Thank you for your help and your very quick reply. Everything is working fine.

Eric Ghersengorin